Been in the game since day one. That's a whole lot of NERC CIP. And we're still climbing.

NERC Urgent Action 1200

NST established by cyber security industry veterans in response to UA 1200.

We were at the first NERC meetings when there were more lawyers than cyber security experts.

When we say "day one", we mean day one!

CIP V3 to V5 transition

2003 to 2015 was a period of industry acclimation. In 2015, Version 5 introduced a new paradigm for articulating requirements for the Bulk Electric System.

NST led dozens of clients through the V3 to V5 transition, and supported many Entities (and even some regions!) during their very first audits under the V5 regime.

R.I.P. CIPC...Hello RSTC

NST attended every single CIPC meeting, from the first to the last, and contributed to dozens of Standard Drafting Teams over the years.

The proverbial ink from NST pens is right there in the CIP Standards we all know and love, as well as in ERO-Endorsed Guidance.


Bigger, faster, stronger

NST now has over 30 Full Time CIP Experts and counting. Our distributed workforce spans 20 US States, every NERC Region, and every North American timezone.

But the same team that started in 2003 is still leading NST.

We've done it all

Expertise comes from experience. Sometimes, you just want to hire someone who's done it before. That's us.
Meet our team
Ben (left) and Alex (right) onsite with Tesla

See if you can picture NST Consultants ...

Creating CIP-013 plans on the white board

NST has over twenty (and counting) CIP-013 Supply Chain plans that have our name written in the version history box next to Version 1.0.

Walking the floor at CIPC

NST contributed to dozens of working groups at NERC CIPC and each of the Regions. Our pen's ink is on that paper. Plus, NST continues to ballot on behalf of clients as new Standards are developed .

Sitting at the audit table

NST has been involved in hundreds of Regional, NERC, and FERC Audits both as auditors and as SMEs, and way more than that if we’re counting Mock Audits and Gap Assessments we’ve led.

Crawling around BES Facilities

NST has visited thousands of substations, power plants, and control centers to collect inventories, walk down PSPs, validate network diagrams, and more.

Performing countless VAs

NST has analyzed hundreds of thousands of Bulk Electric System Cyber Assets. At this point, we know the CIP-010 Guidelines and Technical Basis like the back of our hand. Paper and Active. Medium and High impact.

Reading, redlining, and
rewriting documentation

NST has read, edited, and created more NERC CIP program policies, processes, and procedures than we can count!

we love

We love the Bulk Electric System. We love cyber security. And yes, we love NERC CIP.

Call us crazy, but call us.
NST Employee
NST Employee
Person looking at camera with blue construction hat
NST Cyber Security

Group Hug

We don’t have an annual board meeting. We have an annual team Group Hug. Fun, goodie bags, and great meals with the whole team. Destinations all over the USA.

The Original

We'd love to have you in our circle.
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