How do you make sure Cyber Security and Compliance are perfectly aligned?

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Often, our clients
end up with stacked responsibilities:

The ones which make the grid run safely, reliably, and securely
The ones which keep the regulators from fining them
The secret sauce is aligning the stuff that makes the grid safe and secure with the stuff that makes the auditors happy.

That’s how you get Compliance Through Security as opposed to the other way around. It’s what makes security folk's day jobs better, easier, faster, and even fun.


CIP Program need polishing? Fresh blueprints? Tear down renovation?
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NST Cyber Security
NST Cyber Security
NST Cyber Security

Gap Analysis

Find gaps. Action plan. Close gaps.
It’s that simple.


RSAWs aren’t evidence. They’re context.  They tell your compliance story.

In contrast, your CIP Evidence Request Tool = actual evidence.

Let us help you package your audit submittals, from narratives to performance records.
NST Cyber Security
NST Cyber Security
NST Cyber Security

Audit Preparation

We have RSAWs in our blood. We have NERC ERT data requests in our hearts. We dream about SME interviews. Don’t hit the panic button...we’ll get you ready for your CIP Audit.

Mock Audit

Simulate the real thing. Practice makes perfect. We’re tough but fair.

We love to put our auditor hats on, and we've sat on both sides of hundreds of audit tables.
NST Cyber Security
NST Cyber Security
NST Cyber Security

Remediation Services

Auditors find problems...we can fix them. But don't wait until the audit.

ESP getting sloppy? We’ll clean that drawing right up. Firewall rulesets a mess? Let’s get those justifications nailed down.

We can start eliminating bottlenecks, clarifying roles and responsibilities, and improving evidence quality right now.


CIP-005. CIP-007. CIP-010.

Paper / Active VAs.

Medium / High Impact.

10 devices to 10,000 devices.

Let’s go!
NST Cyber Security
NST Cyber Security
NST Cyber Security

Supply Chain

CIP-013 doesn’t have to be your unlucky number. We’ve built dozens of CIP-013 programs and counting.

Better yet, we support procurement teams as they’re learning the NERC CIP ropes.

Sustainable, repeatable, compliant, and secure. That's Supply Chain Risk Management.


Not required? More work? Unrewarded?
How about: reduces stress, simplifies reporting, and saves time.

Compliance looks backwards at past performance. Internal Controls look forwards to your program's future.

Learn to love them...our clients do (and so do the auditors!).
NST Cyber Security
NST Cyber Security
NST Cyber Security

Tabletop Exercise

Affordable, quick, and highly effective way to see how your team would handle surprises in a real-time simulation of a cyber security incident. Custom injects and scenarios to keep things interesting. Reporting and cleanup for any findings. Lessons learned for compliance.

Check your CIP-008 IRP Drill off your compliance to-do list every year with us!


Your CIP documents have to be more than just a restatement of the standards - they have to have some local flavor (i.e. match the look and feel of your organization) and they have to clearly explain why you’re doing it, what needs to get done, who's going to do it, and how SMEs are going to generate performance records that prove compliance...every time!
NST Cyber Security
NST Cyber Security
NST Cyber Security


CIP 101 ("Uhhh...what’s a NERC?") through CIP 400 ("Yes, I have the evidence right here" and other magic words used by NST's Wizards of CIP to nail audits) and everything in between.

Meaningful education for the compliance executive in her corner office suite, and for the tech junkie running cables around a substation, and even for the power engineer cleaning grease off his hands so he won’t get fingerprints all over his laptop.


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