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NERC CIP was just the beginning. Now we're working with critical dams, "Top 100" Pipeline Operators, and entities who just want to measure their risk and cyber security programs dynamically.
Dam of hydroelectric power plant in Canadian Rockies

We love the Bulk Electric System, but our dams, pipeline operators, water utilities, and other critical industries need love too.

The Bulk Electric System may have led the way, but there is a lot of critical infrastructure out there that doesn't have anything to do with electrons.

Critical dams have to follow D2SI, Top 100 Pipelines are already under increased scrutiny and regulatory pressure from TSA, and there are rumors that water utilities may see new requirements soon as well.

And what if you're selling your products or services to the grid? NERC CIP really doesn't apply to you, but you still need to prove you have a safe and secure business model if you want your clients to pick you out of a crowded field of potential vendors.

Scroll if you're looking for ideas about how to measure and improve your program, but NERC CIP isn't the perfect fit.
NST Cyber Security


FERC is getting serious about their Division of Dam Safety Cyber Security. It's time you did too. Let's get your FERC Checklist up to snuff, and if you need an extension to fill in gaps, let's develop an action plan, a schedule, and then build out your program.

TSA Pipeline

Gas and oil pipelines need cyber security too. We've helped "Top 100" operators respond to TSA's security directives, assess gaps, and build controls to support these guidelines.
NST Cyber Security
NST Cyber Security

NIST Guidelines

The NIST Guidelines (CSF, SP 800-53, etc.) are another standards framework we know and love.

ISO 27001

Many consider ISO the gold standard for quality assurance internationally, whether that's cyber security, application development, supply chain risk management, and more. If you want a security program that measures up worldwide, or if you just like the metric system, we can help.
NST Cyber Security


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