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Okay, so you have NERC CIP covered. What else can you do for your cyber security program?
NST Cyber Security

Cyber Security
Myth vs. Reality

Set it and forget it
Wash, Rinse, Repeat . . . Endlessly
One memorable day, a client asked us "When am I gonna be done?"

"Never," said the Senior Security Consultant.

Cyber Security comes down to the rigor of day in and day out execution of high quality cyber security procedures over, and over, and over again...

Policy + Procedure

It starts at the top. Good policies set the tone, and trickle down to guide all the decisions security teams will need to make. Once a principle for good hygiene is defined, teams can build procedures to meet their goals.

Clarity at the top leads to consistency at the bottom, and everywhere in between.
NST Cyber Security
NST Cyber Security
NST Cyber Security
NST Cyber Security

Security Assessment

If cyber security were a house, then a security assessment would look at the blueprints, the materials used,  the workmanship, and how people get in and out.

If you leave the doors unlocked, it doesn’t matter how sturdy they are!

We’re looking at vulnerabilities in your password policies, change management controls, checking how your firewalls are configured, and more. You get a report with action items to secure your assets.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing means escalation. Within reason, sometimes you need to actually try to climb in the windows, check the locks, and really see if someone motivated can break a window to get in. If you want to know if a vulnerability is actually a risk, the best next step is to poke around the edges and see what gets through with an NST-led Penetration Test.
NST Cyber Security
NST Cyber Security
NST Cyber Security
NST Cyber Security

Application Security Assessment

Applications are a special challenge. From development to implementation, there are plenty of ways to introduce vulnerabilities into the IT systems they run on. But we can find vulnerabilities and close them down.

Secure Network Design

Building a new facility? Introducing new devices onto a legacy network? Revamping your topology?

Whether it’s an evaluation of your new ADMS network, diagraming devices on the perimeter of your legacy EMS / SCADA, or designing and updating your CIP ESP, we got you.
NST Cyber Security

Security Implementation

Assess, plan, implement. If you need help to get a cyber security implementation plan off the ground, a program running, or a team working smoothly...well, we've done that!
NST Cyber Security


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