Devon Smyth

Security Consultant

Mr. Smyth joined NST in2022 after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Computer Engineering and a concentration in autonomous systems. Mr. Smyth’s efforts for NST span both the compliance and technical practices including supporting NERC CIP audit preparations, CIP-010 Vulnerability Assessments (VAs),and TSA SD Pipeline-2021-02 Validated Architecture Design Reviews (VADR). Mr. Smyth is also involved in the development of tools and scripts designed to simplify and accelerate the analysis of raw data during network security assessments.

Earlier in Career

Throughout his undergraduate career, Mr. Smyth explored a wide range of topics in computer engineering. He excelled in courses such as Computer Networks, Machine Learning, Algorithms for Data Analysis, and Information Security in the University of Pittsburgh’s Swanson School of Engineering. These courses, along with experience working as a teaching assistant at the university, gave him the foundation needed to pursue a career at NST. Mr. Smyth enrolled in a diverse course load to explore topics in machine learning, information security, and networks. Mr. Smyth focused on emerging technologies in computing and the application of these new models to transform current practices in cybersecurity and networking.

Previously, Mr. Smyth worked in the FPGA and EDA industry, working on designing a high-speed network switch for time-sensitive networking. For this project, Mr. Smyth was responsible for accelerating the ingress processing of packets in the network switch and conducting analysis of packet traffic to verify proper functioning of the switch’s filtering policies.

In his last semester, Mr. Smyth’s capstone project focused on integrating artificial intelligence systems into a video classification system designed for interpreting American Sign Language into English. Through completion of this project, Mr. Smyth gained valuable experience of integrating intelligent data analysis into real-world systems. Mr. Smyth looks forward to exploring applications of this knowledge in his new role at NST.


Mr. Smyth has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh’s Swanson School of Engineering.