Jeff Kimmelman


Mr. Kimmelman has more than 35 years of professional experience in the fields of security, software development, system design, networking, and advanced control systems. He co-founded Network & Security Technologies (N&ST) to help clients design and deploy information security programs as well as implement solutions for policy and regulatory compliance. He works with organizations including electric power utilities, financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications, insurance, and government.

Since co-founding N&ST in 2003, Mr. Kimmelman has led engagements to define security architecture for critical infrastructure control systems, energy management systems (EMS), and carrier-grade IP networks; develop NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) compliance programs for CIP-002 through CIP-011; support regulatory audits; document security policy and procedures; design application software; perform security evaluations and quality assurance; and train programmers and technical personnel in security methodology. His recent projects include audit preparation and support for Responsible Entities, mock audits and readiness reviews, implementation of policy and procedures to maintain documentary evidence of and compliance with the CIP standard requirements, identification of BES Cyber Systems, and mitigation of self-reported and audit team identified violations.

Mr. Kimmelman has authored numerous reports and articles about defining and implementing security within mission-critical and corporate environments. He supported the U.S. Congressional Commission on Cyber Security, which advised the Obama and Bush administrations. He testified to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on substation security measures. Mr. Kimmelman has participated as an invited speaker in multiple venues including the New York State Cyber Security Conference and the Australian government’s IT Security Expert Advisory Group. He continues to participate in industry and public forums to define practical solutions to address threats to cyber infrastructure.

Earlier in Career

Prior to founding Network & Security Technologies, Mr. Kimmelman held positions at Vigilinx Digital Security Solutions, Baltimore Technologies, and as Global Director of Security Consulting for GTE Professional Services. He began his career at BBN, an R&D firm where he developed Internet technologies and created software for underwater acoustic data analysis and display.


Mr. Kimmelman earned an MS in Mathematics and a BFA in Physics, Chemistry, and Music from the University of California, San Diego.