Mike Gazzillo

Principal Consultant

Mr. Gazzillo has 20+ years of experience in operations infrastructure architecture, network management, and administration of IT systems. In addition to his work with electric utilities and regulatory compliance, Mr. Gazzillo has led projects to design complex networks, deploy backup and data archival solutions, implement application rationalization, as well as relocate, roll out new and update existing IT infrastructure.

Since joining NST in 2014, Mr. Gazzillo has spent much of his time working in both large and small utilities to develop sustainable CIP programs, by solving many of their more challenging process issues, specifically around CIP-004, CIP-005, CIP-007, CIP-008, CIP-009 and CIP-010.

Mr. Gazzillo has led the following engagement types for NST:

  • NERC CIP Compliance Procedure Development and Program Oversight for:
  • Transmission Control Centers
  • Substations
  • Generation Plants
  • NERC CIP Gap Analysis and Compliance Readiness Assessments
  • Vulnerability Assessments for Medium and High Impact facilities
  • Compliance Audit Preparation Activities:
  • RSAW Review and Development
  • Audit Evidence Preparation
  • SME Training
  • Mock Audits for entities in NPCC, MRO, SERC, RF, TRE and SPP footprint
  • Direct Entity Audit Support for entities in NPCC, RF, TRE and SERC footprint
  • Incident Response Plan implementation and testing

Earlier in Career

Prior to joining NST in 2014, Mr. Gazzillo worked as a consultant for SAIC for nine years, providing assistance to a CIP program for a major utility and worked to bring the company into compliance across different teams in multiple states. During his tenure, Mr. Gazzillo was brought in to create a long-term solution to manage the company’s CIP-007 and CIP-009 programs and served as the SME in these areas in the company’s 2012 audit. Previous non-CIP related engagements include the implementation of ITIL processes at Johns Hopkins and PMO Scheduling and Application Migration lead at Pfizer, where he led an effort to consolidate CFR part 11 regulated systems to cut the company’s multibillion-dollar budget. Prior to his consulting career, Mr. Gazzillo worked as an Associate IT Director at Daticom LLC where he stabilized their network and helped bring the company to a state of readiness for acquisition, and as the Systems Integration Manager at Time Warner Cable, where he served in many capacities solving issues and helped planning efforts to roll out many of the first cable modems deployed in the US.