Patrick Tierney

Sales Representative

Patrick supports sales initiatives through client outreach and attendance at NERC regional conferences to cultivate new and existing relationships and further develop connections between NST and NERC Registered Entities. Additionally, Patrick develops internal marketing documentation, and supports ongoing customer engagement through the development of public webinars on NERC CIP and BES cyber security. Patrick Tierney joined NST in 2023 as a sales intern and returned in 2024 to a full-time role as a Sales Representative.

Earlier in Career

Patrick began his work at NST in the Summer of 2023 as an intern. During the internship, Patrick wrote proposals and work orders, conducted cold client outreach, and assisted in the development of general marketing strategy. Patrick also assisted NST consultants with a compliance review and visited multiple client sites to ensure consistency and proper adherence to policies. 


In pursuit of his degree, Patrick learned languages like C, Python, Java, JS, and Haskell to solve various problems in the fields of data security, optimization, and low-level system design. Patrick especially appreciated subjects including Operating Systems, Machine Organization and Programming, and Algorithms, as well as French, of which he retains an intermediate level of fluency.

Patrick received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Irrelevant Experience

Patrick possesses an impressive level of skill in the field of disc golf, having toured 20+ courses across multiple states. His record includes extraordinary scores as low as 5 over par, and he hopes to one day reach a score of 0.