Peter Nelson


Mr. Nelson has over 25 years of experience in information security and TCP/IP networking, and has assisted a wide variety of Fortune 500 and Government clients with translating business and security requirements into supportable solution architectures. Mr. Nelson has been responsible for a wide range of activities including strategic planning, business practice development, product and service management/definition, and various marketing activities. His previous employers include Baltimore Technologies, GTE CyberTrust, and Internet pioneer BBN Corporation.

Earlier in Career

Mr. Nelson has managed large projects with customers such as Xerox, the Chase Manhattan Bank, 3Com, Bear Stearns and various agencies of the US Government. Consistent with his product management background, his area of specialty was up-front requirements gathering and analysis. Mr. Nelson frequently led architectural and design teams in the development of areas of inquiry, and managed the team on the ground at customer sites, facilitating group meetings and requirements discovery.

During his tenure with BBN, Mr. Nelson was one of the founding members of a business unit that focused on the Internetworking Consulting and Security market. This business unit helped companies by architecting and designing networks that are responsive to the business requirements of the company. In this capacity, Mr. Nelson helped plan the business, defined offers, and led the project team, which implemented the first offer.


Mr. Nelson received a BA degree in Political Science with a minor in Computer Science from Boston University.