Phil Cochran

Senior Security Consultant

Mr. Cochran has more than eight years of experience in the cyber security industry, specializing in computer forensics, vulnerability management, and penetration testing. Utilizing his deep experience with analyzing network intrusions, Mr. Cochran has directed that experience into securing networks against malicious activity. 

Earlier in Career 

Prior to joining NST, Phil worked with the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee (UWM) in the Information Security Office. Phil served as the primary incident responder for the university as well as running vulnerability assessments and pen tests for various schools and departments. During a major IT restructuring at UWM, Phil shared his vision for a more organized and efficient ways to perform and manage incident response in an enterprise environment. 

Phil has served in computer forensics and incident response for the past eight years, with the majority of his experience working at a private forensics firm. Phil’s greatest joy in the industry is educating his clients and helping them move toward a better security posture. 


Phil received his B.S. in Network Security & Administration from Champlain College. In addition to his degree, Phil is a GIAC Certified Pen Tester (GPEN).