Roger Fradenburgh

Principal Consultant

Mr. Fradenburgh has over 35 years of experience with information security and over 12 years of experience with the electric power industry. Mr. Fradenburgh is an expert in the Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Reliability Standards from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), completed NERC auditor training in 2009 and 2012, and has participated in numerous Regional Entity compliance audits  as an entity SME, as a Regional Entity audit team member, and as a NERC Observer.

Mr. Fradenburgh regularly attends  NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection Committee (CIPC) meetings, and he was a contributing member of the NERC Risk Assessment Working Group, which developed Critical Asset and Critical Cyber Asset identification guidelines for  Standard CIP-002, V1-3. Mr. Fradenburgh served as an Observer Participant member of the  first  CIP Version 5 Standard Drafting Team  and also  supported  subsequent  CIP Standards Revisions Drafting Teams.

Since joining NST, Mr. Fradenburgh has worked with all types of  NERC Registered Entities to help them achieve and maintain CIP compliance through rigorous program assessment, program development and execution, and audit support.  Specific  CIP compliance task s he has performed  include  Compliance Assessments, Gap Analyses, Gap Remediation, RSAW Development and Audit Preparation, Mock Audits, Cyber Vulnerability Assessments and compliance program management and oversight. His most recent engagements include:

  • Assessment of the security and CIP compliance support capabilities of a new energy management system for a large Midwestern entity
  • Assessment of CIP process effectiveness for an east coast  entity
  • Regional Entity CIP audit preparation support for a small Midwestern  entity
  • CIP compliance gap analysis for a Texas-based entity
  • CIP mock audit for a  Midwestern Reliability Coordinator
  • Multi-week CIP V5 training course for a Canadian-based entity

Earlier in Career

Mr. Fradenburgh’s previous employers include Greenwich Technology Partners, General Dynamics C4 Systems, RSA Security, and Internet pioneer BBN Corporation.


Mr. Fradenburgh is a graduate of Brown University and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).