Stephanie Scroggins

Security Consultant

Ms. Scroggins has been working in the utility industry since late 2015, providing cybersecurity and NERC CIP compliance support to clients in multiple regions. Ms. Scroggins has been involved in many aspects of achieving and demonstrating compliance with the NERC CIP Standards, including program and process development, assisting in creating and capturing performance records, identifying gaps in adequately addressing individual CIP Requirements, audit preparations, and coordination of activities during audits. Ms. Scroggins is well-versed in developing procedure documents, ensuring that the proper “how” and process steps reach desired outcomes.

Ms. Scroggins' passion for training has guided many clients towards successful NERC CIP development. Ms. Scroggins familiarity with NERC CIP technologies has assisted clients with overall compliance documentation, workflows, and assessments.

Earlier in Career

Ms. Scroggins’s professional career began as a Cybersecurity Specialist in private utilities in the Midwest, providing NERC CIP compliance support where she handled evidence collection and review; provided security awareness and personnel training; performed access reviews, vulnerability assessments, supply chain risk management assessments, and security patch reviews; coordinated security patch testing / implementation; and collected data for the ERT (Evidence Request Tool). Ms. Scroggins also assisted in the maintenance and implementation of technologies, such as AssurX CATSWEB, Tripwire, Tenable Nessus, Microsoft Azure, various SIEM products, and enterprise vulnerability management tools. Ms. Scroggins received accolades for her involvement in NERC CIP audits, assisting in implementing applicable CIP controls associated with six new high impact facilities, co-leadership for her compliance effort in a major upgrade of an Energy Management System (EMS) that supported 119 cooperatives, and the implementation of an organization’s initial set of controls to address NERC CIP-013-1 -- Supply Chain Risk Management.

Ms. Scroggins continued to be active in the utility industry in Fortune 500 companies, executing the planning, development, and implementation of both administrative and technical controls, procedures, and processes associated with NERC CIP compliance. Ms. Scroggins developed and recommended corrective measures and technology roadmaps for future states of the technology portfolio.

Most recently, Ms. Scroggins was contracted at a Fortune 200 company writing programs, plans, procedures, and training documentation addressing multiple topics across the CIP Standards. Ms. Scroggins trained new staff in-lieu of the development of documentation and captured educational material. Ms. Scroggins collaborated with various departments to identify roles and responsibilities associated with CIP activities, their step-by-step procedures, and mapping the standards associated with the technologies they owned and managed.


Ms. Scroggins received a Bachelors of Science degree in Information Technology with a focus in cybersecurity and management from Missouri State University.